The international award winning PoolSkim skims the surface of your pool removing all floating debris such as leaves, dust, grass clippings, hair and insects.



The PoolSkim uses the power of the water returning to the pool to create a venturi suction that draws surface water, and floating debris to it like a magnet. The debris is caught in an easy to clean clip on bag - leaving your pool sparkling.

The PoolSkim:

bulletSkims away floating debris such as leaves, grass, hair, dust and insects
bulletAttaches to your existing pool - no extra booster pump etc. required
bulletSelf Adjusts to water level
bulletWorks in conjunction with suction cleaners
bulletRobust design
bulletEasy to clean - uses a tough re-useable clip on bag
bulletReduces your pump's workload                                     
bulletPuts a sparkle on your pool   
bulletIdeal for any pool - above ground or in ground

A "lifesaver" for Leafy pools




PoolSkim is your answer for a hassle-free pool !! -----

                                To contact us please use this email address::: poolskim@iafrica.com