The PoolSkim is for everyone who loathes a messy pool. This effective device skims all floating debris such as leaves, bugs and grass from the surface of the pool.


The PoolSkim attaches to the return and uses the power of water coming back to the pool to create a venturi, which draws surface water, and floating debris to it like a magnet. The debris is caught in an easy to clean clip on bag.


By collecting surface debris before it arrives at the skimmer box, the PoolSkim reduces the workload of the filtration system thereby increasing its lifespan. It also works in conjunction with all suction pool cleaners making them more efficient. 


The floating hat system allows the PoolSkim to automatically adjust to different water levels so it will still skim effectively even after heavy storms or evaporation.


This innovative product is flexible enough to fit virtually any pool. It comes with a range of fittings allowing installation in new or existing pools. It is suitable for above ground, in-ground, concrete, vinyl or fibreglass pools.


The beauty of the Poolskim is that it is safe for swimmers of all ages because no direct suction is involved.


The PoolSkim is available through pool shops world-wide. To see the distributor nearest you click here.

PoolSkim is your answer for a hassle-free pool !! -----

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