Self Adjusting to Water Level

The PoolSkim has a floating hat that self-adjusts to the water level so it always skims effectively even if rain or evaporation alter the water level.


Because the PoolSkim works on the return where the water is pumped back into the pool it can operate with Automatic Pool Cleaners. In fact it enhances their operation by skimming debris on top before it gets water logged and sinks. 


Designed to suit virtually any pool.

 In-ground or Above-ground.

Fully Adjustable

The PoolSkim is fully adjustable to create a water flow around the pool that brings debris to the PoolSkim and maximises skimming effect.

Straight Forward Installation

Simple installation does not require drilling or gluing.

Cleaning Made Easy

Instead of a messy basket to empty the PoolSkim is provided with easy to use robust clip-on mesh bag. To clean clip it off, empty and clip back on. Simple, clean and easy.


The PoolSkim is not connected to the suction line. The PoolSkim uses a gentle but effective venturi suction.

Reduces Workload on the Filtration System

When the pump basket or skimmer  basket clogs water to the pump is severely restricted  often leading to pump burnout.

Even when the PoolSkim bag is full, water flow is not restricted.

Reduces Workload on YOU!

No more wasted weekends manually cleaning the pool with a pool net.

Let the PoolSkim do the work !


PoolSkim is your answer for a hassle-free pool !! -----

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